Who we are


We are of the kind who want to save time and money in their buying process.

How do we want to achieve this?

By adding our purchase desires to attract sellers' attention and receive available offers without having to search for them.

By proposing a direct relation between the buyer and seller through a non-committal online encounter.

By making the offers received include a % of matching with our desire.

By using a simple and effective comparator that helps us make the best decision.

By sharing this idea, because if there's more of us we'll have more and better deals!


Equipo meetmebb

Why meetmebb?

Due to lack of time! We are tired of having to transform into experts every time we have to make an important purchase. We waste a lot of time searching, comparing, getting information, negotiating, waiting for someone to care for our needs… Honestly, we would like the market to come to us instead of being those who runs after it. Apparently we are not the only persons in this situation and we thought that a platform where all the people who think alike could group together, for free, on an international scale, would ultimately benefit everyone.