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These Terms of Use and Privacy Policy regulate access and use of the service through the website hosted on the domain name "http://www.meetmebb.com".

MEET ME BEFORE BUYING (hereinafter MMBB) is a marketplace for the exchange of deals, MMBB offers a platform where sellers and buyers could contact each other for purchasing different types of products

MMBB is a “marketplace” for buyers and sellers, where buyers can make a reservation of a product offered by sellers, under specific conditions in each operation. The buyers will purchase product directly from the sellers according to the offered conditions. MMBB has not and will not assume any liability to third parties in relation with sales that could be made directly between buyers and sellers who had met each other using the portal.

MMBB is only a platform in where buyers and sellers could meet each other.

Using the MMBB web, the buyers can make a reservation of some products offered by the sellers. It is important to clarify that through the portal the users do not buy or sell any items; the portal is a platform for meeting buyers or sellers.

Certain services and/or products offered through the MMBB platform could be found under special conditions set by the third party providing the service or product. In these cases, the conditions of the vendor's product or service, as applicable, shall replace, complete and / or amend these Terms of Use.

The user will be notified about this, if it is considered necessary

When a user accesses the service, declares that he is an adult in accordance with Spanish law and have read and agree to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

The processing of personal data is governed and regulated by the Privacy Policy.


The access and/or use of this web, attributes the condition of USER.

Each User accepts, since such access and / or use, the General Conditions of Use listed here.

The above conditions apply regardless of the General Conditions in their case be enforceable.

Depending on the registration method, there are two types of users:

  • the users registered as “buyers” must register by completing the form established for this purpose. They only have the necessary features for select deals, made reservations of products and organize their profile according to their needs.
  • the registration of an user as “Seller” must be previously approved by the web owner, and must meet the minimum legal requirements to pursue an economic activity in accordance with the current legislation in Spain and / or each country where the user intend to make a sale.

The owner will check all the profiles of the users who want to register as “sellers”

The users registered as “sellers”, in addition to the features described for the "buyers" will have access to additional features that will allow them to advertise vacancies and promotion of its products, have access to different statistics on the performance of their products in the portal, user traffic, user profiles and will have an own space to publish their business information.

"Sellers" will be responsible for all published deals/offers and for conditions of that offers/deals thereof and for the fulfillment of the obligations required in accordance with Spanish legislation and / or the legislation of the country where they intend to make a sale.


The owner, through its website, "http://www.meetmebb.com" provides access to multiple information, services, programs or data (hereinafter "content").

The access and/or use of this web, attributes the condition of USER.

The user assumes the responsibility for the use of this website.

All users accepts, from access and/or use of the website, the General Conditions of Use reflected here, and Privacy Policy.

Service users must register through the web site hosted on the domain "http://www.meetmebb.com" using the form provided for this purpose.

The registration service is free. Users can be individuals and legal entities.

Users must complete the form with the requested information and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

It is understood that the user has checked the box registering acceptance of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and therefore has accepted them.


Once the user has signed up for the service, he/she will be assigned a "User Profile".

The user can manage the different offers and products, and manage data from your user account, your contact and billing.

MEET ME SPAIN S.L, as owner of the service, grants users a limited, temporary, revocable, non-sub licensable license to use such service for strictly personal use.


The user compromises himself to not  perform contrary to Spanish law activities, and / or the legislation of country where they intend to make a sale, especially regarding actions constituting offenses under the penal code. The user also undertakes to act in accordance with these Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.

By registering on MMBB, the user acknowledges:

  • To be over 18 years old
  • Being a bona fide user of the service offered by the website
  • That by using the Service does not violate any rights of the website owner or of any third party.
  • Expressly accepts that the service and the features associated with it are provided for personal use.        
  • Expressly agree to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The user may not, except with the prior written permission of the website owner, exploit or use commercially, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part of any content that is part of the website. Use of the Service for commercial purposes, must be approved previously by the owner of the website.

The user is solely responsible for:

  • Maintaining his Profile.
  • Watch over and keep in secret his passwords, as well as for any damage that could cause to MMBB or others for unauthorized use of those passwords.

The user agrees to:

  • ensure responsible and reasonable use of the service, and to keep his information updated at all times
  • provide to MMBB correct, accurate, current and necessary contact details for billing of the various services purchased through the website.
  • make use of the service in accordance with these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and current legislation, as well as the principles of good faith, morality and public order.


The user assumes until the legally allowed limit, the risk that the website "http://www.meetmebb.com" does not meet his expectations, performance, availability, security and / or accuracy.

If the User accesses or uses MMBB outside Spain, admits to being solely responsible for compliance with local laws that may apply.


Access to use the service for illegal or unauthorized purposes is prohibited.

In particular, but not exclusively, is prohibited:

Using the service for illegal purposes, or perform activities against good faith and public order

Spread racist, xenophobic, pornographic, illegal contents or blurb, or any content that contains apology of terrorism or is in some way against human rights.

Use or introduce computer programs or materials containing any electronic viruses, "Trojan horses", worms, malicious code or other potentially damaging computer file that may damage or alter MMBB systems, in the contents of the service, or in other users computer system and / or their mobile devices.

The use of technical, logical or technological resources under which someone, user or not of the Service, may benefit, directly, or without profit, from the profiles and / or the website content.

Insert in the user´s external website, his external blog, an internet forum, in their profile on the service or any other social network, a link, hyperlink, framing or similar bond that redirects to URLs containing MMBB content and / or MMBB profiles .

Create a false identity

Register a profile on behalf of another person or any other type of use of identities of others, including identity spoofing.

Collect contact information from other users through the service, with the purpose of sending unsolicited electronic communications.

Decipher, decompile, disassemble, use any method of reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to derive the source code or the underlying ideas or algorithms of any part of MMBB, to the extent permitted by law.

Modify, translate or create derivative works of any part MMBB

Copy, rent, lease, distribute or transfer any or all of the rights that the user holds under these Terms of Use.

Modify, copy, reproduce, download, broadcast, transmit, commercially exploit, or distribute in any way the Services, the pages of the Sites or the computer codes of elements comprising the Services and Sites of MMBB.

Assign the users rights or obligations under these Terms of Use, or assign, transfer or sublicense any rights applied to him as MMBB user, except with the prior written consent of the owner of the website.

The performance of any of the foregoing prohibited activities allows the website owner to, in its discretion, suspend or terminate the infringing user profile automatically and without notice, and in its case, removing the content that violates the provisions of this ban list. .

The suspension or cancellation of a profile for violating any of the prohibitions will not give, under any circumstances, right to any compensation for the infringing user.

In any case, the website owner will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by users through forums, chats, or other participation tools

The website owner may inform timely and collaborate with relevant law enforcement authorities if detects any violation of law or if he suspected crime or misdemeanor.


Through their profile, a user could:

  • Access a map, where purchase intentions of other users are shown in an updated real-time heat map.
  • Classify the offers made by "sellers" regarding  its importance and activity. There are various filters and criteria for obtaining a more or less extensive list depending on the product, price, geographical coverage, product features.
  • The user will set the parameters in relation to a desired product and based on these parameters, he will privately receive in his user profile, bids that meet the parameters set by him.      
    In addition to setting these parameters, the user must fill in a short questionnaire on different aspects related to the product, indicating what aspects are more or less important to him, so that bids will be sent to adapt in the best way possible what the user wants to obtain.

Each of the submitted bids will show the basic product information (price, features, selling ...) and a percentage that reflects the matches produced between the parameters set by the user and the product offer.

The offer will also display the available units subject to this offer, and the term of the offer. The "seller" of the product will be responsible for complying with the offer and / or promotion in particular and to ensure compliance with the offered.

The user can sort the offers received, save them in his area of "favorites" and compare the different offers received. Through the comparator tool, the user could see clearly and accurately all the technical and economic characteristics of each of the products compared, obtaining all the necessary information to help him make his decision about which product to purchase.

Once the user has decided, he can “make a reservation of his purchase intent" by pressing the "BOOK" button that appears in the offer.       
Once this process is started, the user must deposit a certain percentage of the price of the reserved product, in respect of "the right to book" . This amount will then be deducted from the price of the product.         
This right of reservation, gives the "buyer" the right to acquire the property under the terms and conditions contained in the offer published by the user "seller", which is solely responsible for complying with the conditions laid down by him.

  • The website owner will not be responsible in any way for any failure by any of the users.
  • If the "buyer" has booked a product, and the seller does not accept the transaction, the amount deposited by way of "reserve the right" will be returned in full to the user "buyer". The cost of this return will be assumed by the user "seller" without prejudice to other possible legal consequences of which the user is solely responsible "seller".


1. Characteristics of the reservation: Once the buyer/user reserves an offer, it implies that the number of units he/she has specified during the reservation period are saved until the end of the promotion.

2. Reservation amount: It is 0.5% of the offer price, with the consideration of a minimum of 100€ and a maximum of 1.000€, bearing in mind that these minimum and maximum amounts are applied over every reserved product. During the reservation process, NO AMOUNT is charged on the user's credit card or PAYPAL account. There is only a validity check with the user/buyer's payment institution to make sure everything is correct. The payment is only made effective when the sale is confirmed.

3. Effective reservation payment: The seller confirms the sale once the total number of units available in the offer is reserved. At that moment, the reservation amount is automatically charged from the banking or Paypal account. The user/buyer's banking account details are never collected internally.

4. Reservation discount when the purchase is finalised: The reservation amount is deducted from the final sale price. The sale is directly formalised with the seller.


After a user/buyer reserves, meetmebb is committed to execute the necessary arrangements to obtain confirmation of the reservation from the seller. The seller will express his/her conformity according to the number of already reserved products.

If the buyer wants to exercise his/her right of withdrawal and cancel the reservation while the offer is still active, he/she can do so in a span of 14 natural days starting from the day the buyer confirms the reservation, using this link: Resevation cancellation.

When a buyer cancels his/her reservation, no charge will be made once the offer ends.

When the reservation is confirmed by the selker and the offer is finalised, the amount will be debited to the buyer's account by meetmebb, and once the charge is made effective the reservation cannot be withdrawn.


1. Characteristics of the expert's opinion: From an offer detail or from the offer comparator, the user can ask an expert for his/her opinion; a question the user wants to ask to help him/her make a good decision.
2. Expert's opinion amount and payment: It is a fixed amount of 15€ that is directly charged to the user's bank or Paypal account.
3. Reply: The answer comes from Authorized collaborative experts in the matter at hand within a maximum period of 48 hours. The reply can then be visualized on the buyer area, inside the expert's opinion section.


MEET ME SPAIN S.L. itself or as an assignee or licensee owns all intellectual and industrial property rights of the website as well as the elements contained therein (for example but not limited, icons, sound, audio, video, software and text, brands or logos, color combinations, structure and design, selection of materials, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, etc.).

All rights reserved.

Under the provisions of Articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Spanish Intellectual property Act are expressly prohibited  the reproduction, distribution and public communication, including any means of making available all or part of the contents of this website for commercial purposes, in any form or by any technical means, without the authorization of MEET ME SPAIN S.L.

The user undertakes to respect the rights of Intellectual Property owned by MEET ME SPAIN S.L. He/she could view the elements of the website and even print, copy and store them on the hard drive of his/her computer or any other hardware, as long as this is solely and exclusively for personal and private use.

The user must not remove, alter, or manipulate any protection device or security system that was installed on the pages of MEET ME SPAIN S.L.

Except for the license granted by MEET ME SPAIN S.L. is prohibited any act of exploitation of all or part of the contents included in the web site, databases and necessary software for the operation of the service or visualization of the website content.


The website owner works to keep the web content updated , though not guarantee the absence of errors or lack of updating it, reserving the right to make at any time and without notice, modifications and updates of the information contained on its website, configuration or presentation.

The website owner will not assume any direct or indirect liability, for the misuse or unlawful use of the Service or the content hosted on the platform, that the user could perform.

The website owner will not be liable in any case if the contact details necessary for billing and / or shipping of various products or services that the user may have contracted through the service are not correct, true or not up to date.

The website owner is not liable for any information that has not been made directly by him. Or by the misuse of such information and / or content.

If the user accesses or downloads directly or indirectly through MMBB any third party content; the website owner will not be responsible in any way for possible downloads that the user can perform from third party sites.

The website owner will not be responsible in any way for:

  1. The problems of access, availability and continuity of service, the functionalities that integrate the service when such problems arise from factors beyond his control and activity level.
  2. The existence of computer programs or electronic materials that contain any viruses, "Trojan horses", worms, malicious code or other potentially damaging computer file that may alter the user's computer system and / or on their mobile terminal.
  3. Damages of any kind that may be caused to the user by the interruption, termination or malfunction of the Service for causes not attributable to the website owner.
  4. Damages that in its case, could be caused to the user by reason of access and / or use of his account by third parties without authorization.

The website owner will not be liable if it is not possible to deliver the service purchased by the user for reasons beyond their control


The website owner reserves the right to make unannounced changes it deems appropriate in its website. The website owner may change, delete or add content and services provided through his website, and the way in which they are presented or located in his website.


In the event that in "http://www.meetmebb.com" are set some links or hyperlinks to other Internet sites, the website owner does not and will not exercise any control over such sites and content.

In no case the website owner will assume any responsibility for the contents of any link belonging to another website, nor guarantee the technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, comprehensiveness, accuracy, validity or constitutionality of any material or information contained in any such links or other Internet sites.

Also the inclusion of these external connections will not imply any association, merger or partnership with the entities connected.


The website owner reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and / or services offered without previous notice, on its own decision or on a third party request, to those users who violate these Terms of Use. In particular, but not exclusively to any user who performs a use expressly prohibited in section VIII of these Terms of Use.

The website owner reserves the right to remove any comments and contributions that violate the respect for human dignity, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, which go against youth or childhood, order or public security or in his opinion, they are not suitable for publication.


The website owner will pursue the breach of these conditions and any misuse of its website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond by law. The website owner reserves the right to exercise all possible actions under applicable law.

The website owner may give notice and timely cooperate with the competent law enforcement authorities if detected any violation of law or if it had suspected crime or misdemeanor.

In compliance with Spanish law, the website owner is committed to this task with the utmost diligence in accordance with their skills.


In the event that any person or entity detects that its contents have been published in MMBB without his consent, existing therefore a violation of any of his rights, that person or entity can communicate (under reference: "Violation of Rights") to MEET ME SPAIN S.L. by e-mail to the following address info@meetmebb.com or sending a written communication to the following address: Juan Bravo  Street 3-A Madrid CP 28006.

The submission must identify the following information:

Claimant contact information: email, phone and copy of his identity card, passport or similar official document to allow identification.

The protected right that has been infringed.

Content that infringes this right, so that we may find it within the service.

The claimant must also submit with its communication a signed statement stating that the above information is true and that he/she is claiming to be the rightful owner (or that is authorized to act on  behalf of the rightful owner) of the rights allegedly violated.


The website owner reserves the right to replace, revise, amend and / or supplement these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time for legal causes, technical causes, changes in the provision of the Service, or possibly by strategic decisions.

In particular, but not exclusively, the website owner may complete these conditions for the use of mobile applications and services or products.

Modification of these Terms of Use shall be notified to users either through a popup, by updating "http://www.meetmebb.com" website or by sending an email to the e-mail associated to the user's account.

If a user continues to use the service once conditions have been modified, it would be understood that the user has accepted the changes; if a user does not accept the amendments may unsubscribe from the service following the procedure established for this purpose.

The user can view the current version of the terms in the website tab "Terms of Use".


All notifications issued under these Terms shall be made in writing.

The website owner may proceed posting notices on the Web or forwarding emails to the e-mail address the user provided for this purpose.


Each of the provisions of these Terms of Use and of the Privacy Policy are separate and should be considered one by one, in case one of them could be considered or declared void, invalid, unenforceable, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, shall be deemed ineffective to the extent appropriate, but it shall not affect (i) the validity or enforceability in that jurisdiction of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, (ii) the validity or enforceability in other jurisdictions of that or any other provision of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Spanish law will be directly applicable for the resolution of all disputes or issues with the service.

The parties submit themselves for conflict resolutions, to the courts and tribunals of the user's address, expressly waiving any other venue. Furthermore, as an entity that is adhered to CONFIANZA ONLINE and following the terms of its Ethic Code, in case of controversies relative to hiring, online ads, data protection, and minor protection, the user can resort to the CONFIANZA ONLINE controversy extrajudicial resolution system (www.confianzaonline.es).