Our commitment


In meetmebb we achieve a common gain for both buyers and sellers. We save time and money. (Win-Win)

Buyer: “You know what you want but not what the market can offer you

Seller: “You want to reach more potential clients with a more competitive price

Commitment with the buyer

We know how important your dreams are, that is why our main purpose is to guarantee the quality and reliability of the promotions that you receive to make sure they come true. Because of this:

1.We work solely with official promoters, manufacturers and distributors. (Our consulting team is dedicated to thoroughly reviewing each of the promotions to guarantee their quality).
2.We have experts for each product family at your disposal so you can make any consultations you need before formalizing a reservation.

Commitment with the seller

In a globalized market where both the target audience and the competitors are spread across the world, the promotion costs to achieve an efficient differentiation and reach potential buyers are very high.

Meetmebb groups similar buying intentions so you can offer products adapted to real demands (“pull” strategy). In doing so, you can save in promotion costs, thus impacting this reduction on the selling price and as a result increase your sales.